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GJFJV Indoor Simplex Fiber Optic Cable

Good flexibility, suitable for making patch cord and pigtail;Small bending radius, compact and light weight;Flame retardant outer sheath offering good protection.
Product No. BY-GJFJV
Types Fiber Optic cable
Secification 1 Core
Material HDPE
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  1. Served as jumper cable or pigtail

  2. Low attenuation & high flexibility

  3. Dry design, easy to strip

  4. Good flame retardant property

  5. Stable in high and low temperature


    • Terminated with various types of connectors

    • As pigtail of communication equipment   

    • Suitable for communication equipment served

    Temperature Range:

    Storing temperature :-20℃ to +60℃

    Operating temperature :-20℃ to +60℃


    • Excellent strippability with tight buffered fiber

    • Excellent flame retardant properties

    • High tensile strength due to aramid strength member

    • Excellent corrosion resistant, waterproof, flame retardant and

    • Environmental- friendly properties of the outer sheath


    Comply with standard YD/T1258.2-2003 and IEC 60794-2-10/11

Indoor single core pigtail cable Optical Characteristics

Attenuation (+20℃)@850nm




Bandwidth   (Class A)@850nm


Numerical Aperture

Cable Cut-off Wavelength

GJFJV pigtail cable Optical Characteristics

Tensile StrengthLong term80N6050
Short term 150N120100
Crush ResistanceLong term100N/100mm100N/100mm100N/100mm
Short term 500N/100mm500N/100mm500N/100mm
Bending RadiusDynamic20D20D20D

  1. Serve as patch cords, pigtails in indoor cabling

  2. Used in the occasions without strict waterproof requirements

  3. Laying method: :Lay along the wall, roof, mezzanine, conduit, trunking

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