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1U FC 48 Ports Rack mount ODF 19'' (1U,2U,3U,4U SC/LC/FC/ST... Patch panel)

Fiber Optic Patch Panel is the device that terminates between the optical cables and the optical communication equipments, with the function of splicing, termination, storing and patching of optical
Product No. BY-ODF19
Types ODF
Secification UP to 144 cores
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Color Black/Gray
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Rack mount ODF (shown in the following picture) is usually modularity in design with firm structure. It can be installed on the rack with more flexibility according to the fiber optic cable counts and specifications. This kind of optical distribution system is more convenient and can provide more possibilities to the future variations. Most of the rack mount ODF is 19'', which ensures that they can be perfectly installed on to the commonly used standard transmission rack.

  • Made of 1.2mm High Grade Cold Rolled Steel Plate

  • Easy to install SC LC FC ST Fiber Adapters & Pigtails

  • Big space for fiber cable wiring


-Removable panel design can meet different requirements.

-Slide rail construction、panel fasteners for fixing.

-Fit for“19”rack.

-Suitable for FC,SC,LC,ST,etc                   

-To assemble panels according to customer requirements


-Optical Access Network

-Data Processing Centers

-Cable television

-Local Area Network

-Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Packge Method

Put the product in a small carton, then put it in a big carton, and finally put it on the board, multi-layer packaging, so that the product gets multiple protection.

Details :

 Slidable rack-mount fiber optic distribution frame is with the drawer for splicing, easy to withdraw the fibers

when testing and distributing. It has aluminum sliding fittings with self-locking functions prevent the drawer

from falling when moved.

 ODF 19-inch rack for ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC adapters and suitable for ribbon and single fibers. Its

slide out drawer is for easy cable management.


 Dimension (cm): 45x 32x4.45

 Height: 1U,2U,3U,4U

 Weight (kg): 4.2

 Capacity: up to 96 cores

 Compact design for space saving

 Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface

 Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure

  • Telecommunications subscriber loop

  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)

  • Fiber Optic termination on Rack Cabinet

  • Including SC,FC,ST,LC fiber optic adapters or pigtails

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